COVID-19 and CRE: Navigating Unprecedented Times

04/22/2020 - Blog

In the last month, we’ve all faced unprecedented challenges.

The world reeled from the impact of the fight against the coronavirus, and experts tell us that life as we knew it may be no more. With the US surpassing 825,000 reported cases and over 45,000 related deaths as of the time of writing, there is every reason to believe that, while we may be reaching the peak of infections and deaths, and there’s hope on the horizon, it’s unlikely that the economy will fully reopen for a while.

While many industries have been impacted—some far worse than others—the real estate industry faces its own distinct hurdles. For an industry that relies so heavily on face-to-face interaction with in-person viewings, inspections, construction, walk-throughs, and more, business as usual is no longer an option. The question for many real estate professionals is, “How do we keep business going? How do we keep things going as normally as possible while keeping ourselves, our employees, and others safe?”

So, what are the options for those working on purchasing, selling, constructing, renovating, lending, or developing? It may not be business as usual, but EBI Consulting is working every day to achieve your usual business in novel ways. We are working diligently to not only help our clients continue to complete their usual work, but to understand best practices now and as policymakers begin to plan to re-open the country. From partnering with clients and policymakers to facilitate expansion of healthcare facilities to consulting with clients on the best deep cleaning practices to pivoting to leveraging virtual technologies for Property Condition Assessments, EBI is dedicated to helping everyone stay safe and healthy while helping you keep your business moving forward.

We know these times are a bit confounding, with experts sometimes even contradicting one another. We are working to highlight the services we continue to provide to our clients, and to share information from our experts and others that will help us all stay healthy. We hope to address some of the practical steps you can take right now with insights from our Certified Industrial Hygienists, insight into how we can leverage technologies to accomplish property due diligence, and insight into how best to begin thinking about reopening safely.

EBI Consulting is here for you in these tough times. Our consultants are available to answer your questions and help you understand what we can do now and how to prepare for the future. Let our nationwide network of consultants help you navigate this uncharted territory and come out the other side prepared.


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