Expanding a nationwide footprint presents many challenges for retailers, especially when meeting diverse local regulations and codes.

A leading national retailer faced these very challenges as they embarked on an ambitious project to open new stores across the United States. Recognizing the critical importance of compliance, particularly with the stringent requirements of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), they turned to EBI Consulting for our expertise and nationwide presence.

Client Challenges

  • Nationwide Compliance: The retailer's expansion plan included locations in various states, each with its unique set of regulations and codes. Adhering to the 2021 IECC was particularly daunting, given its update of the required formal commissioning processes for their building systems.
  • Efficient Project Execution: The retailer was on a tight timeline to open these stores. This necessitated swift and efficient commissioning services to ensure that all systems were fully operational and compliant, without delaying store openings.
  • Quality and Consistency: Maintaining a high standard of quality and consistency in commissioning services across all new stores nationwide was paramount to the retailer, necessitating a partner with a robust, national presence and a deep understanding of local codes and regulations.


By partnering with EBI, the retailer successfully navigated the complex landscape of national and local regulations, ensuring each new store was compliant with the 2021 IECC and other relevant standards. EBI’s comprehensive suite of commissioning services, including the development of a commissioning plan, construction submittals, functional performance tests, and more, enabled the retailer to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Seamless Compliance: All new stores met the strict requirements of the 2021 IECC and local codes, ensuring energy efficiency and system reliability.
  • On-time Openings: EBI’s efficient and effective commissioning process facilitated the timely opening of stores, allowing the retailer to proceed with their expansion without delays.
  • High-Quality Standards: The quality and consistency of EBI’s services across different states exemplified our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each store’s systems were commissioned to the highest standards.

Key Insights

  • Nationwide Expertise: EBI’s ability to navigate local and national regulations highlights the importance of partnering with a consultant that has a broad yet expert presence across the country.
  • Comprehensive Services: The complexity of meeting various codes such as the IECC underscores the need for comprehensive commissioning services that cover all critical systems of a commercial establishment.
  • Strategic Partnership: The project's success shows how a strategic partnership with the right expertise can greatly streamline national retail expansion, mitigating potential regulatory and operational hurdles.

Unlock Your Potential with EBI

Embarking on a national expansion or needing to ensure your projects comply with complex energy and building codes? EBI Consulting is your premier partner. Our nationwide presence and comprehensive expertise in commissioning services enable our clients to navigate the complexities of expansion with confidence. Unlock your potential and achieve seamless project execution with EBI by your side.