City of Quincy Engineering Services

EBI has been supporting the City of Quincy Department of Planning and Community Development for the last couple years. This group administers the Site Plan Review and Special Permit process for proposed land development projects in Quincy.

City of Quincy Engineering Services

As part of the process, the City contracts with various civil engineering consultants to perform a third-party engineering review of the land development projects.

For each Peer Review, EBI performs a physical site visit to visually observe and review the subject site conditions and gain familiarity with the neighborhood context. EBI evaluates the site to identify potential constraints and document the existing conditions. For every site review, existing conditions are documented with digital photographs that are also used in support of the Technical Peer Review.

Technical Peer Reviews include Special Permit Site Plan Reviews, Stormwater Management Report Reviews, and Existing Utility Infrastructure Review. Special Permit Site Plan Reviews involve conformance with Site plan Review Regulations with respect to Design standards, specifically, general requirements for streets, blocks, lots, park and public open spaces, and protection of natural features as well as the city’s requirements for proposed construction materials. Technical Peer Reviews seek to ensure conformance with grading design and engineering design of storm drainage features and storm water management and water quality improvements. Special Permit Site Plan Reviews also refer to conformance with the City of Quincy Zoning Ordinances.

EBI also works to review Site Engineering reports for compliance with the MassDEP Stormwater Management Standards and the City’s stormwater design requirements. Construction Period and Long-Term Operation and Maintenance Plans are also reviewed for good engineering practices with the MassDEP Stormwater Management Standards. EBI reviewed the proposed connections to the existing municipal infrastructure for good engineering practices.

In addition to providing Technical Peer Reviews, EBI handles coordination with the City of Quincy Planning and DPW staff as well as the Development Project Team to obtain clarification and additional information when necessary for the Technical Peer Review. EBI works to identify potential issues related to the project and discuss all relevant findings. Representatives from EBI attend public hearings with the Planning Board relative to the Special Site Plan Review Applications. At each public hearing, EBI presents findings and responds to any pertinent questions.

The land development projects include commercial, mixed-use, and multi-family residential developments. Residential developments continue to populate the Planning Board Agenda in Quincy each month. During the past two years, EBI has provided Peer Review Services for five (5) different residential developments.

Services Provided

  • Civil Engineering

  • Peer Review Consulting

  • Permit Drawings

  • Construction Documents

  • Stormwater Management Report Review

  • Existing Utilities Infrastructure Review

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