City-owned developments, site civil peer review services

Over the last two years, EBI provided site civil peer review services to a city in Massachusetts. The city’s Department of Planning and Community Development administers site plan reviews and special permit processes for proposed land development projects in the city, then contracts civil engineering consultants to perform third-party engineering reviews. The land development projects include commercial, mixed-use and multifamily residential developments.

Facts and figures

  • 5 residential developments provided with peer review services
  • 9 city projects provided with review services


For each peer review, EBI performed a physical site visit to visually observe and review the site conditions and gain familiarity with the neighborhood context. EBI evaluated the sites to identify potential constraints and document existing conditions.


EBI reviewed special permit site plans for conformity with regulations regarding design standards like general requirements for streets, blocks, lots, park and public open spaces, protection of natural features, and requirements for proposed construction materials. We also performed technical reviews of stormwater management reports and existing utility infrastructures. These reviews support conformity with grading design and engineering design of storm drainage features, storm water management and water quality improvements, along with conformance with city zoning ordinances. Representatives from EBI also attended public hearings with the planning board relative to the special site plan review applications. At each public hearing, EBI presented findings and responded to questions.


In May of 2019, EBI Consulting was again awarded a continuing services contract with the city to provide on-call architectural and engineering services. To date, we’ve performed peer reviews for the city on more than 15 project sites and provided a range of other services from architecture to mechanical design and hazardous materials management.

Services Provided

  • Site visits
  • Stormwater Management Report Review
  • Technical Peer Review, including Special Permit Plan Review
  • Existing Utility Infrastructure Review
  • Meetings and coordination, including project coordination and public hearings outcomes

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