Catania Spagna

EBI Consulting has been providing pollution prevention planning, industrial hygiene, and environmental compliance services to Catania Spagna (Catania) since 2015 at two of their locations. EBI has prepared multiple Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans, Facility Response Plans (FRPs) and an Environmental Results Program (ERP) for Catania Spagna.

Catania Spagna

Our most recent project with Catania was the preparation of their Facility Response Plan (FRP) and an update to their EBI-prepared SPCC following a significant increase in oil storage on-site at their 3 Nemco Way location in Ayer, Massachusetts.

As a required part of their SPCC, EBI prepared the Oil Spill Contingency Plan in accordance with Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 112.7 (40 CFR Part 112.7). The plan provides a written commitment of manpower, equipment, and materials to expeditiously control and remove any harmful quantity of oil discharged, when the installation of structures or equipment to prevent these discharges is not practicable. In spite of the precautions taken by Catania to minimize the potential for a discharge of oil, an incident can arise such as a fire or explosion which may result in a release of harmful amounts of oil. Therefore, an Oil Spill Contingency Plan was developed for the site.

Services Provided

  • Property Assessments

  • Site Investigations

  • Pollution Prevention Planning

  • Environmental Compliance

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