Burlington Stores Portfolio

EBI Consulting has provided commissioning services for over 35 and counting newly constructed or remodeled Burlington Stores across the nation. Beginning in 2016, Burlington Stores began building and remodeling locations to have smaller footprints, averaging 45,000sf. Finding great success with the new stores, Burlington Stores increased the pace of construction and remodeling with the goal of having nearly all locations meet new brand standards by 2022.

Burlington Stores Portfolio

EBI has provided multi-phased commissioning scopes for newly constructed and remodeled store locations. Commissioning confirms that all building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and the owner’s operational needs. This is achieved by beginning in the design phase, documenting the design intent and continuing through construction, acceptance, and the warranty period with actual verification of performance. There were common issues found at Burlington Stores which, unresolved, would have resulted in increased energy use and waste. For instance, carbon dioxide controls were not functioning properly, resulting in excessive air ventilation, exhaust fans were uncontrolled, so they ran with increased electricity use, and sensors were out of calibration, impacting energy use and system functionality. The results of EBI’s commissioning services made an impression on Burlington Stores, and we continue to work with them through their expansion.

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