Broad Meadow Middle School Renovation

EBI Consulting provided professional services in support of a complete interior renovation to a 4,300-square-foot middle school auditorium.

Broad Meadow Middle School Renovation

In response to the needs of the educational institute, EBI performed Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical design and Construction Administration services to facilitate renovations to the auditorium.

The Middle School was originally built in 1956 and had been unaltered, despite major flooding that occurred in 2016. Due to the conditions of the auditorium, a complete renovation was required, consisting of removing and raising the plaster ceiling, renovating and reusing the stage and stairs, altering walls and ceilings for acoustics and stage lighting, structural modifications for stage equipment support, new HVAC units, and new control rooms. EBI’s Engineering team conducted a site visit prior to demolition to review the existing structure, as well as a site visit post-demolition to ensure assessments were still current and relevant. They were also responsible for coordinating calls and design meetings with the Architectural and MEP teams. The team worked with the architects of record to incorporate all structural documents to ensure compliance and permitting. During construction, the Structural Engineers provided review and coordination to certify structural elements were constructed as designed.

EBI’s Mechanical and Electrical Engineering professionals provided design development, construction documents, and construction administration for the renovations. Design development consisted of: extending new ductwork from roof penetrations for new distribution within the space; developed new designs for lighting, fire alarm, and power; ensured that all systems were designed to conform to Massachusetts State Building Codes; and submitted design development documentation. The Mechanical and Electrical team worked cohesively with the architects to incorporate all mechanical and electrical needs, and to complete the construction documents for permitting.

Services Provided

  • Structural Design

  • Mechanical and Electrical Design

  • Construction Administration

Project Team


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