Boston-Logan International Airport: Consolidated Rental Car Facility (Logan ConRAC)

EBI provided Licensed Site Professional (LSP) and Environmental Consulting Services to a local construction company for redevelopment of the Boston-Logan International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility (Logan ConRAC).

Boston-Logan International Airport: Consolidated Rental Car Facility (Logan ConRAC)

The project involved the construction of a four-level, 1.2 million SF precast parking garage that would consolidate all private rental car facilities, private shuttle bus systems, and public Massport bus systems. The project also included demolition of all private rental car facilities, temporary relocations of the taxi pool, numerous parking pools, roadway and intersection improvements, site access improvements, and landscaping.

EBI prepared and implemented a Health and Safety plan (HASP), which identified the type and location of hazardous materials in soil and groundwater. It also included personnel training requirements, personal protective equipment, monitoring devices and procedures, site control measures, a decontamination plan, and an emergency/contingency plan.
Additionally, EBI was responsible for chemical characterization of all excavated materials and for preparing appropriate documents for the management, transport, and disposal of regulated and non-regulated materials. EBI prepared an Excavated Materials Management & Disposal Plan (EMM&DP), which specified requirements for monitoring/handling, stockpiling, and off-site transportation and disposition of soils encountered during demolition and construction activities, in compliance with the requirements of Project Specifications and the MCP. EBI further provided LSP oversight during excavation, loading, and transport of contaminated materials. EBI’s LSPs were responsible for preparing, managing, and approving all soil disposal documents for multiple receiving facilities and landfills, as well as for directing soil reuse across the 49-acre project area.

EBI prepared and implemented a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Remediation General Permit (RGP), associated with dewatering of groundwater to support the site work. Over 1-million gallons of contaminated groundwater had been treated and discharged via underground drainage to the Boston Inner Harbor under the NPDES-RGP.

Services Provided

  • Health and Safety Plan (HASP) Preparation & Implementation

  • LSP Services

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Site Investigation and Remediation Services

  • On-Site Project Oversight

Project Team


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