Biomedical and pharmaceutical research university facility

The client, a biomedical and pharmaceutical research company, has been growing one of their campus buildings located in Massachusetts. They have expanded their long-term lease with the state university for land across the street from their current research facility, where they will develop a 550,000 sq. ft. campus made up of laboratory, office and retail space.

Facts and figures

  • Six story facility
  • 550,000 total sq. ft.


The addition of two new buildings and renovation of an existing building allow the client to create an ideal work environment for communication, exchange of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration. The facility is a life science gateway and provides an important connection to the area. This project adds a new look to the area and provides a new green space, pedestrian connection to mass transit and street-level retail space.


Our team performed key services in support of the LEED gold certification process for this undertaking. The services we provided included key participation in the integrative planning team, fundamental and enhanced commissioning as well as close collaboration with the LEED consultant. After performing design document and submittal reviews, our team conducted construction inspections before commissioning the following systems: high-pressure steam boilers, the condensate recovery system, boiler feedwater system, chemical treatment system, heating and ventilation systems, emergency shower systems, computer room AC units, the boiler management system, boiler fuel oil delivery system and the boiler metering system.


Post-commissioning, our team also conducted a site visit for warranty inspection. We also closely collaborated with the consultant on the LEED Gold Certification process for the facility to achieve.

Services Provided

  • Design document reviews
  • Commissioning plan development
  • Submittal reviews
  • Construction inspections
  • Commissioning coordination
  • Functional testing
  • Operational trend reviews
  • Operations and Maintenance manual reviews
  • LEED gold certification

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