Best Practices: Asbestos Investigation, Inspection, and Remediation

EBI Consulting was recently retained by a developer for a high-profile project in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. This client understood it was in their best interest to thoroughly investigate the property for asbestos, other hazardous materials, and any other potential issues prior to the start of major renovations.

Best Practices: Asbestos Investigation, Inspection, and Remediation

In this particular case, the project was located near a large hospital and in a more residential area. The hospital, local residents, and the construction labor market were anticipated to have concerns and expectations of reasonable investigation for hazards that could impact health and safety. EBI and the developer (client) worked together throughout the course of the project to keep them in full compliance by coordinating well with not only the client, but with contractors, architects, and others hired by the client. EBI completed four project stages including a concept phase, design phase, abatement design and bidding, and abatement oversight and construction administration.

EBI Consulting’s approach ensured the client was in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations through proper timely investigations of the property. By allowing EBI to work directly with the architect, the team was able to properly steer the client away from unnecessary expenditures through simple tweaks to the project scope. By hiring EBI as the only environmental consultant for the project, the client received a customized, organized, and efficient solution to their problem.

Hiring only one environmental consultant from initial inspection to final closeout is a step few consider, but one that may save clients’ money. As there is no need to review records from previous consultants for accuracy, EBI can minimize the confusion and duplication of work that often occurs when multiple consultants are hired over the course of a project. However, we understand that project requirements, budgets, and costs vary greatly. For some clients, more cost-conscious options may be the best business decision, but we counsel that these can lead to unexpected surprises, delays, and even regulatory issues. In many cases, spending a little more up front can save costs down the line.

Services Provided

  • Phase II Investigation

  • Budgetary Estimates

  • Abatement Design and Bidding

  • Abatement Oversight

  • Construction Administration

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