Best Practices: Asbestos Investigation, Inspection and Remediation

04/19/2018 - Blog

When it comes to dealing with asbestos, there are many regulations and standards that inspectors, property owners, and contractors should be aware of. This week’s blog is based off our recent Asbestos case study, which focuses on best practices in asbestos investigation, inspection, and remediation.

EBI In Action 

EBI Consulting was retained by a developer for a high-profile project in downtown Boston, Massachusetts to investigate the property for asbestos and other hazardous materials. This client understood the importance of working with a trusted due diligence provider and followed our recommendations throughout the project process. EBI worked closely with the client as the Project Manager and customized a 4-Step process based on this client's needs.

After EBI reviewed the client's historical documents, and performed the initial investigation, we were able to provide accurate and reliable recommendations. Our team works diligently to educate clients not only on recommendations for their property, but on overall best practices for asbestos investigations, inspections, and remediation. Below are some of our best tips.

Stay Compliant with Asbestos Regulations  

Staying compliant with asbestos federal, state, and local regulations is important not only because it's ethical, but because it can save you from facing unnecessary costs. EBI Consulting understands that clients must often weigh regulatory environmental risks against business costs and choose a standard of care that suits their goals and risk tolerance. Because regulations and enforcement for asbestos inspection varies so significantly, each project has its own individual regulatory considerations, in addition to cost considerations.

Unfortunately, when you don't follow these best practices you can risk facing serious consequences. In New York City, asbestos investigators were recently indicted for falsifying asbestos inspection reports. These false investigation and inspection reports not only caused the client a big headache, but also added to their overall costs. But legal problems are only one component. By hiring a consultant to manage the overall process, clients can minimize costs by ensuring a more accurate bidding process with contractors. This can reduce the likelihood of expensive stop work or change orders.

Use a Trusted Due Diligence Provider 

When you use a trusted due diligence provider, like EBI Consulting to perform asbestos services to your property, you can rest assured knowing your property is in good hands. Over the past 28 years, we've built strong relationships with contractors who have confidence in our work and ability to exceed clients' needs. When you hire EBI, you can expect to receive high quality, efficient, and reliable services that are federally, state, and locally compliant: EBI has a nationwide presence combined with local expertise. Our team provides testing, design, and abatement services to clients whose properties contain asbestos containing materials, lead, mold, radon, and PCBs. We provide support for projects ranging from telecommunications installations, to real estate acquisitions and property development projects.

If you're interested in reading more about our Asbestos Best Practices, check out our Asbestos Best Practices Case Study. For more information about how EBI Consulting can help with your asbestos needs, contact us.


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