Due Diligence Portfolio for Wireless Provider

EBI was hired by a wireless provider for a real estate portfolio consisting of 54 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on truck service properties, consisting of both old and current work centers. EBI was contracted to deliver all 54 reports to our client within 20 business days on a rolling basis. The client added an additional eight ESAs and 26 ESA File Reviews to further dig into concerns uncovered during the initial Phase I stage. EBI was able to properly identify issues at some of the properties that could potentially be of concern to future buyers and provided documentation gathered through research to help mitigate and lessen concerns.

Due Diligence Portfolio for Wireless Provider

EBI’s continued success in how we manage our portfolios is due to identifying key players who are able to dedicate their time and knowledge to a portfolio from start and finish. EBI’s clients are always impressed by our excellent communication, timely responsiveness, industry expertise, and technical background. EBI’s industry experience and knowledge allows our national portfolio manager and project managers to answer any questions our clients have as well as give sound advice on a project to project basis. Our streamlined portfolio process, which begins with a kick-off call, allows us to bring in technical leads and other key players into the portfolio from the beginning to discuss concerns, questions, and specifics about the work at hand.

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