April's Green Star Award


Each month the EBI Green Team presents the Green Star Award to an EBI employee. It's an award that recognizes employees for their sustainability efforts. Being sustainable at EBI isn't limited to just office-based efforts, it's integral to everyday life.

The Green Team would like to congratulate this month’s Green Star Award winner, Johni Etheridge! Johni is a Project Archaeologist in our Telecom Environmental group and she works remotely from the beautiful state of California.

Johni was nominated for the April Green Star Award after submitting her most recent upcycling project. One day while Johni was hiking, she came across a full deer skull with antlers. Captivated by her discovery, Johni considered a variety of ways to take her newfound treasure and turn it into art. She decided to use old lathe boards she recently acquired as the background and created a beautiful European Mount. After devoting a great deal of time to designing the pattern, sawing the wood, and gluing it together, a “Skull for Thought” was born.

Johni Etheridge 1

Johni’s second piece of art was made from both lathe boards and wine aging wood. The process to make this particular piece took a lot of patience, as it required extensive amounts of cutting in order to create the individual pieces for the geometric pattern. Johni says she embraced using reclaimed wood for her art since it is both friendly to the environment, and to her wallet. She warns that you should try your best to find out where your reclaimed wood comes from, as there is always a potential that chemicals or pesticides are present.

Johni Etheridge 2

Congratulations Johni! The Green Team applauds your creativity and spirit. We hope you continue to make these beautiful and environmentally friendly pieces of art!


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