A Day in the Life: MacKensie Cornelius


Have you ever wondered what a regular day looks like for EBI Consulting's employees? "A Day in the Life" gives EBI employees the opportunity to tell us about themselves and give us a photo-based run through of an ordinary day, both on and off the clock!

Our second installment of "A Day in the Life" is written by MacKensie Cornelius, Archaeologist III at EBI.

"A Day in the Life" - written by MacKensie Cornelius 

I’m MacKensie Cornelius, Archaeologist III with EBI. I joined EBI in late 2012, based in New Orleans at the time, and recently moved to Portland, Oregon. I received an MA in Anthropology at the State University of New York at Albany in 2004 and worked as an archaeologist in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast before joining EBI.

Since then, I have conducted fieldwork in more than 20 states coast to coast; EBI really has us archaeologists on the road a lot! Besides fieldwork my workload typically consists of conducting SHPO and archaeological file reviews, either online or in-person at State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) and archives, and writing and reviewing archaeology reports to be included in SHPO packages. Outside of work I spend time exploring Portland and the Pacific Northwest with my husband.

Picture 1

Travel days usually include a stop at an airport Starbucks. My name is difficult to spell. I try to keep up with e-mail on my phone since I’ll be out of touch most of the rest of the day with flying and driving.

Picture 2

I try to get a window seat for great views of the mountain scenery. Today I’ve just got a short flight to Bozeman, Montana.

Picture 3

Next I have a 2 1/2 hour drive to the Project Site. When I’m lucky there are scenic viewpoints off of the highway. Today I pass by the Lewis and Clark Trail at Beaverhead Rock.

Picture 4

Made it to my very scenic work site for today, in the Beaverhead Mountains of southwest Montana. Luckily, this Project Site is well flagged and staked so easy to find and survey.

Picture 5

Today I’m conducting a pedestrian survey of the Project Site. This involves walking in parallel transects over all areas of potential ground disturbance to see if there are any artifacts or cultural features that could be disturbed.

Picture 6

I end the day with some writing and report reviews in a hotel before driving back to Bozeman and flying out the next day.


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