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Have you ever wondered what a regular day looks like for EBI Consulting's employees? "A Day in the Life" gives EBI employees the opportunity to tell us about themselves and give us a photo-based run through of an ordinary day, both on and off the clock!

Our very first "A Day in the Life" post is written by Johni Etheridge, a Project Archaeologist here at EBI.

"A Day in the Life" - written by Johni Etheridge

Let me introduce myself! My name is Johni Etheridge and I have been fortunate enough to be a Project Archaeologist at EBI for 1.5 years, working remotely from my home in Citrus Heights, CA. I am originally from Hollister, CA, a small agriculture town in the heart of Central California. I moved to the Sacramento region for school and graduated from California State University Sacramento in 2011, with a degree in Anthropology.

Upon completing my degree, I traveled and worked for a variety of Cultural Resource Management companies that took me across the country. If you do not know, most archaeologists start their careers as “Shovelbums”, people who travel all over the country in search of work; going from one project to another, never knowing when work will end or begin.

I was a Shovelbum for about 4 years until the EBI talent acquisition team found me via LinkedIn, reached out to me, and employed me with EBI at the end of 2014. Not only did I get the job of my dreams, I was able to finally feel comfortable and secure in my career path. I feel fortunate to work with such an amazing archaeological team at EBI, as they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and help me grow personally and professionally.

I am a lover of the outdoors, which makes my position within the company both exciting and extremely rewarding. I am able to travel to various parts of my beautiful state, as well as travel to neighboring states to complete my work. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, kayaking, woodworking, and adventuring with my husband and our two fluffy dogs! I feel fortunate that I have the ability to work from home, travel, love what I do, and have time to do what I love. EBI harbors a positive work environment, allowing one to have a good balance between work and my personal life; I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else!

Picture 1

This was a unique project which we were tasked with evaluating an archaeological site in Mammoth Lakes, CA that had been impacted by an adjacent cell tower. Andrea Fink and I were fortunate enough to have this view while we excavated shovel test probes.

Picture 2

A typical survey in Minden, NV assessing the Project Area for evidence of cultural resources, as well documenting view shed.

Picture 3

Working with Don Perez in Cañones, New Mexico. We were tasked with completing subsurface testing to identify impacts associates with adjacent cell towers.

Picture 4

Excavated unit compliments of Don Perez. As archaeologists we must slowly excavate controlled units, assessing cultural materials, documenting soil types, stratigraphy, etc. All of this helps tell a story about the past.

Picture 5

Performing pedestrian survey along a 6 mile route in Scotia, CA with MacKensie Cornelius. Long days, undulating terrain, rain and fog made for quite the adventure.

Picture 6

Sometimes it is necessary to stop what you’re doing to enjoy the beauty in things. This was taken on a ranch in Scotia, CA

Picture 7

I performed a site visit on Yerba Buena Island, a small island between Oakland and San Francisco, CA. The views of the newly renovated Bay Bridge and San Francisco were breath taking.

Picture 8

This particular site visit in Markleeville, CA contained Historic Properties within the APE-VE. The historic board-and-batten building was once the town’s prison.

Picture 9

A site visit in beautiful Jenner, CA contained an Archaeological District on the coastline.

Picture 10

Performing an archaeological site visit in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Picture 11

An APE-VE survey that contained the Carmel Mission, a Historic Property listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Picture 12

One of the many perks of working outdoors is the ability to see cute dogs! She accompanied me throughout my entire site visit.

Picture 13

On the weekends my husband and I enjoy kayaking with the dogs. Cooper is the captain of this vessel; I’m just there to paddle.

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