A Day in the Life: Joe DeLorenzo


Have you ever wondered what a regular day looks like for EBI Consulting's employees? "A Day in the Life" gives EBI employees the opportunity to tell us about themselves and give us a photo-based run through of an ordinary day, both on and off the clock!

Our third "A Day in the Life" post is written by Joe DeLorenzo, Staff Scientist in the Site Investigation and Remediation group here at EBI.

"A Day in the Life" - written by Joe DeLorenzo

I’m Joe DeLorenzo - a Staff Scientist in the Site Investigation and Remediation group. After graduating college, I traveled around the country before starting up with EBI in the Production Department in 2014. I spent a few months assembling reports in the Production department before moving into the SIR/Government Remediation and have been working with this group ever since! I currently live in Somerville, MA and enjoy nights out in Boston well as weekend trips to the White Mountains in NH. I graduated from Boston College with majors in both Environmental Geoscience and Psychology, and will be attending Boston University part-time in the fall to obtain my MBA.

My work keeps me in Massachusetts for the most part, and I am typically conducting field work on environmentally impacted properties throughout the state. The work day tends to start early when you’re catering to the schedule of construction crews, but can go into the night when there’s a last minute emergency release. Here, an excavator operator works late to remove soil after a jet-fuel release.


Often we oversee the disposal of impacted/unsuitable soils from real estate developments. Below is the view from on top of one of these soil stockpiles in Amesbury, MA, that I was collecting samples from.

Picture 2

Much of my time is spent sampling groundwater wells. Coworker Dan Bellucci visually assesses groundwater with apparent petroleum contamination.

Picture 3

At Logan Airport, EBI is responsible for implementing the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan during the Terminal E construction project. I head out every other week to inspect the catch basins surrounding the construction site, and confirm that potential runoff is properly managed before entering Boston’s waterways.

Picture 4

Below, a truck is loaded with impacted soils designated to be sent to a landfill for disposal.

Picture 5

Some of our clients contact us in order to manage and oversee the removal of underground storage tanks. This client had a 10,000-gallon tank formerly used for fuel oil that was no longer needed when the building switched to use natural gas.

Picture 6

Many of our jobs involve the coordination of multiple agendas at the same time. On this job in Haverhill we led construction crews, structural engineers, asbestos abatement teams, and trucking companies, just to name a few of the involved parties.

Picture 7

The end of the day usually involves unpacking a messy car full of sample coolers, well gauging equipment, and changing back out of work boots!

Picture 8

The best way to end a week is with a Red Sox game…

Picture 9

…Or hiking with my dog, Porter.

Picture 10

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