10,000th Water Bottle Challenge


Congratulations to Myles Walsh, EBI’s new EH&S Intern - for winning the 10,000th Water Bottle Challenge!

EBI Consulting’s Burlington office recently started a contest called the 10,000th Water Bottle Challenge. The challenge was based off of our water filtration system that keeps count of how many plastic water bottles we save each time someone uses it to refill their reusable water bottle.

The challenge began when the counter hit 9,750, and the winner would be the person who filled the 10,000th water bottle. This challenge was created by Matthew Wilson, Project Scientist of the Site Investigation & Remediation Group and Green Team Member, as a way to promote environmental sustainability, while fostering a fun and friendly competition among co-workers.

The lucky winner of this challenge was Myles Walsh, our newest EH&S intern. Myles received a bag of EBI swag (including a new reusable water bottle) and a gift card to a local market.

Thank you to all who participated. Although the challenge is over, we continue to encourage the use of refillable bottles over disposable. If you are interested in finding more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle, visit this page for more information!


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