Meet Your Manager! Featuring Rusty Gordon

10/19/2021 - Inside EBI / Meet Your Manager

Featuring Rusty Gordon, Vice President of Acquisition Services, Real Estate Due Diligence

Rusty Gordon, Vice President of Acquisition Services, joined EBI in 2006 and brings over 30 years of experience to the firm. With a number of large projects under his team’s belt and more on the way, Rusty is expanding his team. We chatted with Rusty to understand how he started and what he enjoys about his work.

What do you like about your industry?

Rusty: Early in my career, I was particularly drawn to field work. Every project is different and presents its own set of challenges, and the variety of property types keeps things fresh. I’ve done work at military bases, oil refineries, amusement parks, resort properties, high-rise office buildings, and manufacturing plants, to name a few. Later, I got more involved in direct client management and came to appreciate my role as an advisor to clients, as they value our insights and consider us part of their team. Building and maintaining those relationships provides me with a great deal of personal satisfaction.

What does a successful team mean to you? 

Rusty: A successful team is comprised of individuals that are gratified by the work they do, aligned and working toward common goals, and who feel supported by a management team constantly promoting a positive work environment. Building and maintaining a successful team is priority #1; success with our clients follows naturally.

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team? 

Rusty: The two primary areas we evaluate are technical aptitude and team fit. When we’re hiring for a technical position, technical skills are key, but we place a nearly equal emphasis on team fit because we’ve worked very hard to create a positive team culture. I’ve had only one employee leave our team in the last five years, and I take great pride in this. We are very diligent in presenting as clear a picture as possible of how our team operates, and our interview process typically includes a conversation with an existing team member so candidates get a sense of “a day in the life” of an Acquisitions employee.

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? 

Rusty: I’ve played guitar since I was very young, mostly acoustic, but have recently been trying to learn jazz guitar. I enjoy boating with the family here in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve also been an active homebrewer since 2005.

Rusty's team is growing! He’s looking for Acquisitions Property Condition Report Assessors nationwide. Check out the roles below to apply:

Interested in EBI’s other open positions? Reach out to our talent acquisition team at [email protected].


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