Featuring Nicholas O’Connor, Associate Operations Manager (Northeast)

Nicholas O’Connor, Northeast Associate Operations Manager, joined EBI in 2016 and brings 8 years of experience to the firm. Nicholas looking to grow his Property Condition Assessment team in the Northeast. We chatted with Nicholas to understand how he got started in the industry, what led him to join EBI and what he enjoys about his work.

What do you like about your industry?

Buildings and building systems have always fascinated me. I love that I was able to travel to new areas of the country and explore interesting and unusual structures – from historic train stations to modern server farms, there is always something new to learn and explore. 

Why EBI?

EBI is a leader in the industry, yet still manages to have a family business feel. Despite many of our employees working remotely, EBI can foster a sense of community that helps everyone succeed!

What does a successful team mean to you? 

A successful team can work together efficiently to create the best possible final product for our client. Team members should be problem solvers who can take ownership of their contribution to the overall service.  

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?

I enjoy working on my bikes, doing puzzles, and exploring the outdoors!

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team?

I look for people who are bright and experienced but are still willing to learn! This industry is constantly evolving, so we need people who can adapt. I also look for people who will be a good fit for the personalities of the team! We need everyone to be able to work together effectively and happily.

Nicholas's team is growing!

He's looking for multiple Property Condition Assessors based in the Northeast. Check out the role below to apply:

Project Engineer (Northeast)

Interested in EBI’s other open positions? Reach out to our talent acquisition team at [email protected].