Meet Your Manager! Featuring Meghan Grogan

03/23/2022 - Inside EBI / Meet Your Manager

Featuring Meghan Grogan, Sales Support Manager, Real Estate Traditional Services 

Meghan Grogan, Sales Support Manager, joined EBI in 2014 and brings 7 years of experience to the firm. Meghan is looking to grow her Sales team at EBI's Burlington, MA headquarters. We chatted with her to understand how she started, why she chose EBI and what she enjoys about her work.

What do you like about your industry?

Meghan: There are always new projects and new challenges coming our way, providing opportunities to improve and rise to the occasion. The evolution of client needs has been interesting to track as well, as we witness how these big real estate transactions come together (from a third-party perspective) and help manage all the moving parts involved with our small piece of the puzzle.

Why EBI?

Meghan: I’ve always appreciated the people working at EBI and find everyone incredibly hard-working and highly skilled in their area. It’s gratifying to know that our department supports such a knowledgeable and capable team across so many service lines. I appreciate that we always stand by our word, do our best for our clients and our staff, and won’t offer a service or delivery date we can’t guarantee. I’m excited to see the growth in our Energy and Sustainability services as more clients invest in these valuable areas for both short-term and long-term gains.

What does a successful team mean to you? 

Meghan: I’d define a successful team as a cohesive, dependable, honest, and diligent collection of professionals who manage their workload well and support their team when needed. I look to our team to utilize all the tools at our disposal to prioritize their day and complete tasks as accurately and efficiently as possible. However, I also trust our team to recognize when they need help and work with their salespeople to manage client expectations.

For example, we’re handling more large portfolios for clients, requiring more attention and management from start to finish. Susan Phillip’s Portfolio Management team does a marvelous job, but the sheer volume of projects and tasks that need Sales Support Associates management can be overwhelming. Our team consistently divides and conquers to assist and ensure projects are set up for success from the onset.

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team? 

Meghan: We need motivated, honest, and hard-working individuals with previous experience in customer service, document management, and who’ve operated in workplaces with a similar pace and volume. Our team is flexible, highly communicative, and able to work well both independently and collectively. I don’t expect perfection, but a willingness to ask for help, admit mistakes when they occur (as they inevitably do), and the motivation to improve and contribute to our team and company.

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? 

Meghan: I enjoy hiking, travelling and spending time with friends and family, sewing, gardening, and playing with my cat Josie.

Meghan's team is growing! She’s looking for Sales Support Associates based out of EBI's Burlington, MA headquarters. Check out the roles below to apply:

Interested in EBI’s other open positions? Reach out to our talent acquisition team at [email protected].


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