Featuring Christina McGonagle, Senior Manager Production and Administration

Christina McGonagle, Senior Manager Production and Administration, joined EBI in 2018 and brings 10 years of experience to the firm. Christina looking to grow her Production team at EBI's Burlington, MA headquarters. We chatted with her to understand how she started, why she chose EBI and what she enjoys about her work.

Why EBI? 

I enjoy the family-run aspect of EBI. It’s a very personable environment, and the people here make EBI a wonderful place to work. Not to mention the culture fosters collaboration and cross-functional work. In my years at EBI, I’ve combined my previous skills and experience and advanced my career. EBI offers the tools and resources for employees to succeed, and as a manager, I share that dedication. Many employees come into EBI under my wing and advance into various roles throughout the company.

I also love the work we do. We positively impact the communities we work in by ensuring safe environments for people, whether they be our client's tenants, employees or customers. 

What does a successful team mean to you? 

Our team's success hinges on collaboration and open, honest communication. Our team is goal-oriented, eager to learn and high-performing. I strongly encourage our team members to share ideas, learn together and solve problems together. We’re comprised of a diverse set of individuals who bring talent and expertise to the team. That makes us versatile and successful in our jobs now and sets us up for the future.  

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? 

I love cooking, gardening and spending time with family. I also enjoy road trips on my significant other’s motorcycle. My first road trip of the year to Lake George is coming up this June!  

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team? 

EBI is a fast-paced environment. We need fast learners who jump right in. We’re looking for dedicated workers with the ability and willingness to keep learning. Most importantly, you must be adaptable and a team player. Communication is vital for our team’s success. 

The Production Associate opportunity is fantastic for someone interested in the environmental industry but unsure exactly how they want to establish their career. In this role, you’ll get exposure to every business line and the reports our field employees produce. The Production Associate role gets your foot in the door at a great company and lets you see where an EBI career can take you.

Christina's team is growing!

She’s looking for a Production Associate based out of EBI's Burlington, MA headquarters. Check out the role below to apply:

Production Associate (Burlington, MA)

Interested in EBI’s other open positions? Reach out to our talent acquisition team at recruiting@ebiconsulting.com.