Featuring Brittany Choquette Associate Operations Manager (Central Region)

Brittany Choquette, Associate Operations Manager (Central Region), joined EBI in 2017 and brings 11 years of experience to the firm. Brittany is looking to grow her Property Condition Assessment team in Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma, among other areas.

We chatted with Brittany to understand how she got started in the industry, why she joined EBI, what she enjoys about her work and what a successful team means to her.

What do you like about your industry?

As a geoscientist, I entered this field to explore the relationship between environmental science and real-world scenarios. I quickly learned that this industry offers so much more! Each project is unique, and the variety of property types keeps things interesting. I’ve assisted clients through their entire environmental due diligence process — identifying potential environmental issues, conducting subsurface sampling in the field, helping clients understand what was identified, and advising them on next steps. The hands-on experience and complexity of these projects can be quite gratifying. As time went on, I found a passion for helping my fellow assessors navigate this fast-paced industry and guiding them to achieve their career aspirations and furthering their education in all things environmental due diligence.

Why EBI?

Although EBI’s employees are spread across the country, it’s easy to feel the camaraderie within the company. We have many highly-skilled and hardworking professionals who take pride in their work and support their colleagues. We all work hard to provide the best for our clients without sacrificing the internal positive work environment and culture. EBI also offers something for every interest, whether you want to work in real estate due diligence, energy and sustainability, architecture… the list goes on! We’re constantly growing and investing in the future needs of our clients and employees.

What does a successful team mean to you? 

To me, a successful team is a group of dependable, motivated, honest, hard-working and supportive professionals striving toward the same goals. All members must communicate effectively and support their teammates on top of efficiently managing their workload. A successful team needs to feel supported by management and have confidence they can ask for help, knowing they’ll get the assistance needed to get the job done right. While the team works hard, it’s important to have fun as well!

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?

I enjoy gaming, reading, traveling, hanging out with my family and friends, baking and playing with my fur-kids. I’m also a novice car-enthusiast (thanks to my husband) and I enjoy all things geek (comic conventions, cosplay, renaissance festivals, etc.). Of course, I also love cheering for my alma mater (Gig ‘Em, Aggies!).

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team?

We need dependable, honest, motivated and hardworking individuals who want to be part of a successful team. While prior experience is preferred, we’re open to folks that are ready to learn and take on challenges. We need people who take pride in their work and learn from their mistakes. Being able to work independently and flexibly is a must, as well as being an effective communicator and not being afraid to ask for help when needed.

Brittany's team is growing!

She's looking for multiple Property Condition Assessors based in Denver, CO; Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; and Oklahoma City, OK (and she is happy to speak with any interested and experienced property condition assessors located within the central region outside of the specified areas above!)

Check out the roles below to apply:

Project Engineer (Central)

Project Engineer (Denver)

Elevate your career with EBI and apply today! Reach out to our talent acquisition team at [email protected].