Meet Your Manager! Featuring Amy Wright

10/12/2021 - Inside EBI / Meet Your Manager

Featuring Amy Wright, Regional Operations Manager, Real Estate Due Diligence

Amy Wright, Regional Operations Manager for EBI’s Real Estate Due Diligence team, has been at EBI for 10 years and has 17 years of industry experience. With a booming industry, her team is growing faster than ever. We sat down with Amy to gather an understanding of what environmental due diligence means to her, how she’d like to see her team grow, and some more about Amy herself!

What do you like about environmental due diligence?

Amy: I come from an environmental background, and for many years my focus was on reducing environmental impact from site operations. But honestly, what drives me now is less about the industry itself and more about helping my team grow in their careers.

What does a successful team mean to you? 

Amy: A successful team, to me, has both individual and group focus. Most of my team works on independent projects, but pulls together to share knowledge or help each other out with questions, site visit conflicts, etc. An ideal team works hard but has fun at the same time!

What is most important to you when considering applicants for your team? 

Amy: Honesty in experience, willingness to learn, understanding that we do work hard and are proud of our top-quality reports. Someone who likes to travel is always appreciated – we do work in some pretty interesting places!

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? 

Amy: I love, love, love to garden (note that doesn’t equate to being any good at it). I also like to travel and read, and I am involved in my local University of Florida alumni club (Go Gators!), so football season means Saturdays with the club. I’m an old-school gamer and all of my ringtones are the original Legend of Zelda.

Amy's team is growing! She’s looking for:

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