Michelle French joined our EBI family earlier this year with previous experience conducting Physical Capital Needs Assessments (PCNA), property inspection reports that estimate the costs of future property maintenance or urgent property fixes. With her background in architecture, Michelle walks client sites throughout the country conducting assessments and evaluating various building components such as:

• Building envelope
• Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems
• Exterior and interior finishes

Michelle notes the general age and any deficiencies of these components while ensuring the property meets all applicable accessibility requirements. She then provides solutions to amend any deficiencies found. “The field of architecture can take you down many different avenues. Since joining the team, I’ve been able to learn a lot about EBI as a company and find my place within it.”

Impacting communities

As a Project Engineer in our real estate Housing and Urban Development (HUD) division, Michelle enjoys everything pertaining to the built environment, but most importantly she enjoys the opportunity to help those in less fortunate circumstances.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the federal agency responsible for national policy and programs that address America's housing needs, improve and develop the nation's communities and enforce fair housing laws.

As a member of our HUD assessment team, Michelle feels that the reports we create help keep individuals accountable for providing safe and aesthetically pleasing housing for people in all walks of life. Michelle dedicates herself to ensuring that property management teams and owners provide a healthy and safe environment. “Fulfillment for me is knowing that the work I do directly impacts many individuals throughout the country.”

Variety and visualization

Some days Michelle performs property assessments and other days, she focuses on writing from the comfort of her home office. Sometimes she does both!

For property assessments, she arrives on-site to conduct interviews with maintenance personnel or property management. Following these conversations, Michelle is escorted around the building where she visually analyzes and records all MEP system elements and property damage with her camera and evaluates the remaining useful life of the building’s components. Michelle asks questions throughout to establish a solid data set to compile into a comprehensive report.

Writing days are different from being in the field. As a report writer, Michelle records important data, including any environmental and client information, along with her findings and photos taken. “I think my favorite component of writing has to be placing the photos in the document, since I’m a visual person myself.”

Living life through the lens

Michelle also enjoys photography outside of work and considers herself to have “wanderlust.” Luckily for Michelle, both of those passions are included in her daily work life as well as outside the office. By traveling to various sites across the country, Michelle can experience new places she may not have otherwise visited on her own. “My husband and I look for new adventures and opportunities to travel as much as life can afford us.”

Flexibility and feeling fulfilled

Given the post-pandemic world we live in, Michelle has come to appreciate the time she has to cherish her loved ones and relishes family time. Having the opportunity to work from home has been wonderful for Michelle and she says the flexibility in her role is one of the best things about working at EBI. “To know that my work will have a direct impact on others is empowering and fulfilling. Along with these things we get the opportunity to travel, and as I had previously mentioned, I thrive on travel and new experiences.”

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