Anand Rampersad’s curious nature drives the passion behind his projects. As an Acquisitions Assessor at EBI, Anand considers each assessment a puzzle and seeks to understand how each property is uniquely constructed. Anand observes, notes and photographs the overall condition of a property from façades, roofs, pavement and landscaping to inspecting the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems within a building. He also works closely with site contacts to gather information by asking questions about the property and building systems. 

Anand comes from a construction loan monitoring background, which involved protecting banks, lenders and financial institutions from the risks inherent in construction lending. After becoming interested in Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), Anand sought a role with a company completing more robust due diligence projects and joined EBI. Producing high-quality reports engages Anand, and while some aspects are redundant, each site challenges his skills and expertise with its uniqueness! 

The early bird catches the worm

When he receives a project, Anand books necessary travel and reviews the property’s details in EBI’s database. He likes to get an early start to get his bearings on the property during a site visit, often walking around taking notes and photos of anything that stands out. Once the inspection starts, he walks with the property owner or maintenance manager to gather all the information he needs. The rest of the week he focuses on writing a comprehensive Acquisitions Property Condition Assessment report, which involves uploading photos and thoroughly working through each section of the report and noted findings. 

Mystery in the unknown

Attention to detail and problem-solving are crucial for Anand when conducting site visits. Since each property comes with many unknowns, he asks in-depth questions and photographs as much as possible. At the end of the walkthrough, Anand reviews his notes and thoughts with the site contact to ensure he hasn’t overlooked anything. Transparency and friendliness with these site contacts is vital to Anand as he appreciates the time they take to help him. 

From the home office to the field — Teamwork makes the dream work

Just before Christmas, Anand was scheduled for site visits in Minnesota, a place he’d never visited as a Miami native. He was excited to experience the wintry, snowy weather. He was even able to inspect a different HVAC system where boilers and de-humidification systems were being utilized – something not often seen in Florida! 

As a remote employee, Anand appreciates the opportunity to work from home. It was an adjustment for him, but once he started traveling, visiting sites, participating in trainings with teammates and meeting others across the company, he fell in love with the team atmosphere EBI fosters, even with most employees working remotely. This work environment allows Anand to pursue his passions outside of the office, such as spending time with family and exercising. Even when he travels for site visits, he books hotels with gyms and FaceTimes his wife to tell her all about his adventures. 

To Anand, the best part about EBI is the people. He’s had the opportunity to meet Rusty, the “big time boss” of the team. Anand describes him as the “nicest, coolest and most understanding guy.” He also collaborates with other teammates and learns so much from their industry experience and expertise. 

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