The multifamily industry has continued to experience growth over the past decade and has risen in prominence as an institutional-grade asset class. Apartment living has found favor with renters who are priced out of homeownership, decide to delay household formation, or elect to live in an urban core market near experiences that appeal to their millennial lifestyles. Those factors have piqued the interest of large landlords, family offices, private equity firms, REITS, and institutional investors in multifamily development and investment. Demand is also expected to remain high as research by the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and National Apartment Association (NAA) found the US will need roughly 4.6 million new multifamily units to be delivered by 2030 to keep pace with demand. SERVICES    TEAM    PROJECTS    RESOURCES

EBI brings expertise that can be applied across the multifamily housing spectrum from market rate, affordable, and senior housing assets. Our team helps investors, property owners, and operators develop acquisition and distribution strategies, evaluate financing options, improve property operations, and ensure building systems perform at optimal levels. EBI’s wide array of analysis and due diligence services give multifamily owners and investors confidence that their portfolios are aligned with their goals.

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