Demand for self-storage facilities has risen as a result of steady job creation and wage growth in the US. Though demand has increased, supply hasn’t, and in many major markets, development pipelines are contracting. There is an expanding pool of investors targeting self-storage assets due to favorable conditions for this property type, and EBI offers a suite of due diligence tools designed to guide prudent investment decisions.


We understand there’s a need for sophisticated reports for both private owners as well as larger investors assembling portfolios of self-storage properties. This asset class brings unique considerations compared to others in the industry, including the need to factor into investment equations the transient, short-term nature of renters. Our self-storage team delivers accurate and detailed reports on property value, property conditions, and any associated risks. Those all must be factored into the process, whether securing a loan, executing a sales transaction, or undertaking a new self-storage development project.

Case Studies

Town-owned properties, environmental services

Our team has provided various environmental services on multiple projects for the town’s high school facility located in Massachusetts.

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