Healthcare Facility Solutions

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EBI Consulting supports hospitals and healthcare facilities in meeting their environmental, regulatory, and operational goals while ensuring compliance and reducing risks. 

Healthcare Services

Compliance & regulatory support

  • Compliance Gap assessments
  • TJC/DNV Mock surveys
  • Policy & procedure development
  • Pressurization mapping

Environmental & sustainability consulting

  • ASHARE standard 241 infectious aerosols 
  • HVAC risk assessments & performance verification 
  • Commissioning/reto commissioning (CX) 
  • Test & balance 
  • Energy audits / net-zero studies 
  • Waste management planning 
  • Green building certification (Energy Star, Well, NGBS, ESNC, LEED, CSP, & more)

Environmental risk management

  • Integrated project delivery 
  • Risk assessments (Abbestos, Lead, Mold, PCB, Radon) 
  • Ongoing monitoring 
  • Proactive remediation strategies 
  • Mitigate potential environmental liabilities (IRCA)

Water management & Legionella prevention

  • Legionella risk assessments & planning
  • Critical water system design & optimization
  • Sterile processing
  • Hemodialysis

Life safety and compliance solutions (EOC & LS)

  • Life safety assessments 
  • Emergency preparedness planning 
  • Risk assessments 
  • Life safety training 
  • Fire safety evaluations/sprinkler value audits

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