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The life sciences sector is as complex as it is sophisticated. Companies that own or operate facilities seek out assets that match their specialized use, functionality, and industry niche. The environmental health and safety assignments EBI handles for life sciences companies reflects an unrivaled commitment and dedication aligned with our clients’ unique needs – whether that be a biotech firm or pharmaceutical company.
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EBI’s on-site teams conduct safety audits to ascertain site weaknesses and develop plans to manage toxic chemical inventory and identify exposure issues. Sites must adhere to strict indoor air quality standards, and EBI’s experts work alongside firms’ internal health and safety teams to augment existing staff, as well as taking full responsibility for managing the assignment when needed, such as for start-ups where internal teams don’t yet exist. We are experts at setting and adhering to even the most stringent environmental health and safety requirements to establish a foundation for long-term systems and protocols.

EBI’s professionals understand the importance of energy and sustainability in lab and R&D facilities. We work diligently to maintain a sterile balance in air quality throughout an HVAC system with proper draft while monitoring for microbial presence. Our deep knowledge of the industry translates to recognizing the nuance of needs, whether that be eliminating non-organic materials in biotech settings or monitoring for the presence of biologic materials in a pharmaceutical environment.

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