RF-EME Modeling

Radiofrequency (RF) Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) modeling is the process of calculating theoretical power density from transmission sources to ensure compliance with related federal standards. RF-EME modeling enables us to read worst-case emissions situations are a particular site, such as a cell phone tower. EBI can then recommend appropriate mitigations, such as signage and barriers, to make the general public and workers aware of the presence of RF energy. EBI often deploys best-in-class technology, such as RoofMaster, in conducting these studies.

Most often, an RF-EME modeling report is ordered for sites with antennae that are in closer proximity to the general public than a regular tower. For new site builds, modeling is done prior to construction to gain approval by the FCC, and then follow up emission studies are conducted post construction to confirm safe levels. EBI works on behalf of telecom carriers and tower companies nationwide on these modeling reports to keep the public and site workers safe.

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