Keith Spolan

Keith Spolan

National Director, Construction Consulting Services

Keith Spolan, National Director of Construction Consulting Services, joined the EBI team in 2001 and holds over 23 years’ experience in operations leadership, project management, due diligence, engineering, and environmental consulting.

Keith has served in national practice and regional operational management roles, overseeing productive operations, resource sharing between various service lines and teams, program monitoring, analysis, and planning. He has hired key personnel and established the foundation and processes for several new service lines, maintaining growth and success throughout. Additionally, Keith has served as a senior technical quality control reviewer and as a corporate organizational development leader aligning strategy, people, and process.

Keith graduated from the University of Florida, earning both his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering with a focus on Civil Engineering and Construction Management. He is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and oversees EBI’s Construction Consulting team nationwide.

Cover photo credit: Amanda Diamond, Tel Environmental Ops, EBI Consulting


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