• Connect America Fund & What It Means for Rural America Tue Aug 20, 2019
    Phone Wires

    High speed internet has become a necessity when it comes to thriving in the economy, pursuing education, and participating in modern society.

  • Why CMMS is Crucial for Healthcare Operations Tue Jul 30, 2019

    Healthcare facilities have always tracked property maintenance and medical equipment. In years past, the data was tracked via pen and paper and was far less reliable.

  • Taking Aim: Shooting Ranges and Environmental Hazards Fri Jul 19, 2019

    Over time, lead has been utilized for a number of purposes. From early cosmetics to modern batteries, it permeates many facets of our lives.

  • What You Missed at CNU’s Annual Conference Tue Jul 09, 2019
    CNU Conference

    The Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) held their 27th annual conference this past June in Louisville, KY, which drew in over 1,500 urbanists, developers, and more from across the nation.

  • Cemeteries: Toxins' Final Resting Place Tue Jul 02, 2019

    When considering potential environmental hazards at a property, there’s one that might surprise you: cemeteries. 

  • Retirement in the Face of an Industrial Evolution Tue Jun 11, 2019
    Active Retirement

    Over the last couple posts we have explored trends in the use of real estate in this Industrial Evolution; an evolution in how people interact and engage with real estate as we progress past the Internet age.

  • 3 Services You Need to Win in the Brave New World of Retail Tue May 07, 2019
    Retail Evolution

    Experiential and immersive retail. Pop up stores. Concept stores. These are some of the most prominent trends retail is exploring as the industry races to adapt to evolving customer needs. For internationally-recognized labels and emerging digitally-native brands alike, the name of the game is a new in-store experience.

  • Living in an Industrial Evolution Tue Apr 02, 2019

    From its inception, experts were of two minds on the internet’s effect: either it would revolutionize industries or make them antiques.

  • Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Thu Mar 21, 2019

    EHS Hazmat Suits

    Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are an emerging contaminant of concern which have been classified as a carcinogen by the EPA. PFAS and their daughter compounds, specifically perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), are beginning to be regulated at the state level.

  • MassDEP Proposes Amendments to Hazardous Waste Regulations Thu Feb 21, 2019
    Hazardous Waste

    In January, MassDEP published a 65-page document with key proposals and revisions to hazardous waste regulations 310 CMR 30.000.