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As consultants, professional engineers, registered architects, scientists, and technical experts, our services are only as good as the people providing them. At EBI Consulting, our deep technical acumen and decades of industry experience separates us from the rest. When you need expertise you can trust, turn to the industry-leading team at EBI Consulting.

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Rusty Wheeler

Project Manager

Rusty Wheeler has 17 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and with mechanical systems in a wide variety of structures. He has significant experience in commissioning of HVAC systems that includes functional testing and calibration of equipment sensors relating to HVAC operation. His responsibilities include working with contractors to resolve issues with functional testing of equipment, performing TAB verification of air and water side equipment on projects, and review of contractor submittals to verify that new equipment meets project specifications. Rusty has worked on a wide range of commissioning and retro-commissioning projects including major Federal facilities and large university buildings across multiple campuses.

Rusty earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.

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