The Team

As consultants, professional engineers, registered architects, scientists, and technical experts, our services are only as good as the people providing them. At EBI Consulting, our deep technical acumen and decades of industry experience separates us from the rest. When you need expertise you can trust, turn to the industry-leading team at EBI Consulting.

Jesse Pasco

Senior Program Director, Multifamily Agency Services

Jesse joined EBI Consulting in 2008. With extensive experience conducting HUD Project Capital Needs Assessments and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for more than 23 years, Jesse works to grow and expand the Multifamily Agency Services program, manages client relations, and reviews Project Capital Needs Assessments (PCNAs), Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), and NEPA-related documents.

Jesse has a background in environmental science and specializes in multifamily agencies. His credentials include Qualified Environmental Professional, trained asbestos building inspector, trained lead-based paint inspector/risk assessor, and various other HUD-specific certifications.


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