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We help time-strapped investors and stakeholders make the best business decisions, armed with actionable insights from our experts. From due diligence to environmental sustainability to construction management, we deliver timely analysis and valuable guidance for your every project—no matter the size.

Our promise? Deep industry expertise and an unwavering commitment to helping clients maximize long-term value

That means we always interpret, advise and deliver on your goals -- so you can get back to sourcing high-value opportunities.

Risk management

Get the analysis and insights you need to move forward --with due diligence reports and strategic recommendations that prioritize high-risk findings before they become a problem.

Value optimization

We give you a comprehensive understanding of your property and portfolio so projects stay on-time, on-budget, and enable you to maximize long-term value and ROI.

Problem solving

When tough decisions come up, we help you make them. We interpret data, recommend appropriate actions, and provide creative solutions that help you solve your unique challenges.

Our mission: to maximize value in the built and natural environments for our people, clients and communities

Our roots

A full-service firm

Our expertise

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EBI Consulting began in 1989 as a professional services company focused on identifying, quantifying and mitigating environmental risks and concerns for commercial banks and commercial property owners.

Today we deliver full-service due diligence, environmental, engineering, architecture and construction management solutions to our clients.

EBI’s professional engineers, architects, scientists, project managers, and technical experts provide best-in-class analysis, insights and advice, building creative solutions and mitigating risk to help clients save time and expense – and maximize long-term value.

We’re proud to be nationally ranked as a top three provider of commercial real estate due diligence services, and the largest provider by volume in some locations. We leverage this depth of experience on every project.

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Zweig Group

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Case studies

Major Wireless Carrier, EHS Services

Since the early 2000s, EBI Consulting partnered closely with major wireless carriers on environmental and regulatory compliance within the telecommunications industry. We also worked with this wireless carrier to provide environmental, health and safety (EHS) services at the client’s generator sites.
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Major national wireless carrier, projects nationwide

EBI Consulting partnered with this major national wireless carrier beginning in the 1990’s when we performed initial National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) projects for the client. Since then, we’ve grown into a leading provider of environmental compliance and regulatory services across the country for this client.
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Proposed mixed-use redevelopment facility, civil engineering

EBI Consulting worked with the client to provide civil engineering design and permitting to support the proposed mixed-use redevelopment located in Cambridge, MA.
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